Friday, 8 November 2013

Tutorial: Speed Paint on your iPad/iPhone

Unless you have recording equipment for your iPad or through the Apple TV via AirPlay Mirroring, there are several apps that have built-in move for move video export. In one of the last few updates from Procreate dating several months, Savage takes their powerhouse painting app to a new level. And if Procreate isn't your thing, another app out there probably has your name all over it.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tutorial: Retro Game Sprites

The easiest way if you're using Sketch Club is to change your pixel brush to jet black and turn down the opacity to 10%. This will help make the hair pop out and make the character in question look less flat. If you're using Dots, it'll take a bit longer. The way to go is to select the color and turn up the darkness a bit for each section.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Hardware Review: Pogo Sketch Pro

I'm always on the hunt for new styli for the iPad. For every winning stylus I tried out, there were three or four that faired better as ear picks than helpful art tools. Artists have multiple tools in their arsenal that rightfully earn their place, I too use multiple styli based on different purpose. Currently I've narrowed it down to two, the Adonit Jot Touch+ and the Pogo Sketch Pro.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Tutorial: Final Fantasy Style Logo Artwork

I’m a huge fan of the Final Fantasy RPG franchise and all the artistic merits that come with it. I get lost in the music as I write and love the abstract concept art of Yoshitaka Amano. My first taste was on the PAL version of Final Fantasy IX where I saw the character art on the disc and how radically different it was from the end result. When I started finding more of Yoshitaka Amanos work and discovering his involvement with each major instalments logo, I went nuts. So over the head crazy, I found out how to make my own in similar fashion.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Magical Multiply Layer

So you love to sketch but can't quite get started on a touch screen. If you find that doodling in graphite pencils, charcoal or ink on a sketchbook or canvas is more your style, it's not hard to transfer onto a tablet to take it to the next level. Most models of tablets can scan using the extremely powerful camera or you can go the old fashioned route and use a scanner, then transfer on board via USB connection. The latter was my option of preference since I painted on my first gen iPad for the longest time and since it was lacking a camera, scanner was my only means. Once imported into your painting app of choice, there are two routes to take. Trace over the sketch in question... Or set the layer to multiply.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Helpful Tip: Sketching

Every piece of art has a beginning, an end and many things that happen in the middle. Take a look at concept art for your favorite animated features and you'll see the numerous drafts before a final character design. And after that comes even more refined sketches and coloring along with many more drafts. So when you finally open Procreate, ArtRage, SketchBook (or what have you) know that the blank canvas will be daunting since it literally has millions of possibilities, it's up to you to guide it into something astounding. Need a little help getting started? Here's a tidbit of advice that I swear by.



Brief Doodle created in Sketch Club

Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Apps

I'd like to start by giving a small taste of the apps that I commonly use and explaining the pros and cons of each. One of the main differences I prefer iOS over Android tablets and phones is the wide range of apps in this category. Although there are a few that exist for that platform, there aren't as many with the polish and performance of Procreate, Sketch Club, Art Rage and more. Not to mention there are a lot more accessories such as the HoverBar and styli like Pogo Connect or Adonit Jot Touch that have advanced features unique to the iOS platform. That being said, here are my essential iPad apps for graphic design.